General FAQ
What is Construction Daily Reports (CDR)?
CDR is the fastest and easiest way for construction professionals to complete daily reports. Reports can be custom tailored to each individual project.


  • -Save an hour or more every day
  • -Increase compliance
  • -Remove bulky stacks of paperwork

    Notable Features

  • -User friendly design makes reporting a breeze no matter where you are.
  • -Use on a computer, tablet or smartphone device.
  • -Easily attach pictures to your reports, answer custom questions, and log hours each day.
  • -Customize your reports to have the information you need on any particular job. Use our default template, create one template, create multiple templates for different types of jobs, or create a new template for every job. This is all part of the service and will not cost you anything extra!
  • -As inputs are made into the system, it will automatically sync with the web and create a daily report PDF in real-time. View and share these reports easily through the web or mobile app.
  • -Speech to text available on mobile devices
  • -Automatic weather reporting
  • -Inputs are user, date, and time stamped
  • -Invite team members to collaborate or share projects
CDR is working great, how do I activate my account?
You can activate your account by logging in using the login button at the top of the screen at Click ‘Company Info’ then select ‘ Subscription info’ to enter your payment information and activate your account.

If you are still having trouble, a member of our sales team can help if you email us at or by calling 619-631-8820.
How do I add team members to my account
Add or remove team members from your account at anytime by logging into your web dashboard, selecting ‘Team Members’, and clicking the + icon or the trash bin icon.
Can I use CDR on my phone or tablet?
Yes! Login via your web dashboard or download the app to your tablet or smartphone in the iOS and Android stores!
Can I add my own logo to my reports?
Add your logo by logging into your web dashboard, clicking ‘Company Info’ then clicking on the image to the left side of the screen.
How do I customize my reports?
You can customize your report by logging into your web dashboard, clicking ‘Company Info’ then clicking on ‘Report Templates’. Create a new template with the ‘New Report Template’ button. Customize your weather report times and labels. Add sections to your report with the ‘+ Add Section’ button. Customize the header of each section of your report by typing text into the textbox. You can add a maximum of 1 hours section, 6 notes sections, and 1 questions section to your report in any order you would like. The questions section can be customized to include as many custom yes/no questions as you would like. After saving a template, edit or create a new project to assign that template to that project.
How do I set it up to automatically email my reports when I sign them?
When you create a project or edit a project on your web dashboard or mobile application, you can add email addresses into the ‘Automatic Email’ section separated by a comma. When a report is signed and marked as completed for that project, an email with a link to the report will be sent to all email addresses listed.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password on the mobile application by clicking the menu button on the project screen, selecting ‘My Account’, then clicking ‘Change Password’.
On your web dashboard, click ‘My Account’, then select ‘Change password’.
If you forgot your password, you can use the ‘forgot password’ button on the login screen on your computer or mobile device to have an email sent to you with a link to reset your password.
If you are still having trouble, our customer support staff can help at or by calling 619-631-8820.
Where can I download the mobile app? Do you have an app on Apple and Android?
CDR is available for most tablet and smartphone devices. Download CDR in the iOS and Android stores.
Where can I view my photos from a project?
Photos can be viewed in the photo gallery by logging into your web dashboard, selecting ‘view’ next to your project, then clicking the ‘Photo Gallery’ button.
How does automatic weather capture work?
The weather is shown at three times during the day on each report and is based off of the report’s zip code.You can set the time and measurement units on your web dashboard by clicking ‘Report Info’ followed by ‘Report Templates’. Editing or creating a new template will allow you to make changes.
How does the hours to date work on my report PDFs?
Hours to date calculates the total number of hours that a specific entry has logged over the course of the project. Deleting an entry will prevent the system from counting these hours. Best practice is to leave entries at 0 if they do not work that day. A deleted entry cannot be recovered.
Can I connect my account to cloud storage services?
Yes, we support Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Log into your web dashboard, click ‘Company Info’ then select ‘Cloud Services’ to connect your accounts. When a report is signed and marked as completed, a copy will automatically be sent to your cloud storage accounts.
What are user roles and how do I change my team member’s roles?
Users can be set to be Administrators or Team Members. Administrators have unrestricted access. Team Members do not have access to billing/subscription information, team member information, and cloud services. You can change a user role by logging into your web dashboard, clicking ‘Team Members’ then selecting a team member. In that menu you will be able to change a user’s role.
Pricing: How much does CDR, Construction Daily Reports cost?
CDR, Construction Daily Reports is a subscription based software service with simple pricing, $20/month per user or $200/year per user. We provide 2 months free or a $40 discount for annual payments. To discuss enterprise discounts for larger user groups, please call 619-631-8820 or email
Payment FAQ
How do I activate my account?
You can activate your account by logging in using the login button at the top of the screen at Click ‘Company Info’ then select ‘ Subscription info’ to enter your payment information and activate your account.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. If another payment method is needed, please contact us at or call us at 619-631-8820.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. You have the option of paying month to month or you can pay for the year and get 2 months free!
What counts as a user?
Each registered team member counts as a user. You are free to add or remove users at any time. Your account will be charged based on the current total number of users.
Who does CDR work with?
Typically we work with General contractors in the commercial, residential, and industrial fields. We also work with subcontractors, government contractors, trade specialists, and others in the construction sector. We have seen creative uses for our software outside of the construction industry because of CDR’s customizability.
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