Mobile App and Website Software make Daily Reporting as Easy as 1 2 3 Sign!
  • 1. Enter your Hours

    Include names, quantities, and text descriptions. Names rollover each day automatically.

  • 2. Enter your Notes

    Include names, quantities, and text desciptions, Names rollover each day automatically.

  • 3. Answer a set of Questions

    Customizable Yes/No questions with space to enter text details if needed.

  • Voice to text

    Use voice to text to make entries even faster.

Watch : Mobile App Overview

Fast and Customized
Customized and Branded Daily Reports
We understand that all job sites have different needs. That is why CDR allows its users to generate custom report templates which they can assign to any of their projects. This removes the need to customize each time you create a new project while also allowing for customizability per project.
Your company’s logo can be added to your account which will show in the top left corner of all daily reports to give them a professional look.
Custom PDF Reports
Fastest and Easiest Construction Daily Reports
Our simple mobile app and website software is built to simplify and automate the reporting process. Automatic weather capture, emails, cloud storage, hours entry rollover, and other features are designed to remove unnecessary manual entry which helps save valuable time.
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