Spreadsheets to Daily Reporting Software – Why Construction Companies Are Making the Switch

Spreadsheets to Daily Reporting Software – Why Construction Companies Are Making the Switch A best practice for successful construction project management and tracking are good daily reports. The importance of complete and accurate construction daily reports has caused the industry to change their process from pen & paper, then to word documents or spreadsheet software, and now into simple to use daily reporting mobile apps and software. This evolution has simplified and improved the way that daily reports are created, stored, and shared.

The construction industry requires easy to learn and use solutions that will help avoid issues with adaptation for users that are not as strong with technology. Simple construction applications have the ability to greatly impact the time spent on daily reports. The impact is even greater if the solution is easily implemented. CDR Construction Daily Reports is a best in class mobile application that simplifies daily reports and makes the process more effective.

There is a ton of value in the time savings that a daily reporting software can provide a construction business. This is usually enough to justify adding this cost to the business or project but there is much more value when you realize the long term impact it can have on your business as well. Have you have to deal with litigation? Imagine trying to find a hand written daily report from years back. Now imagine how easy it is on a good software solution! A simple way to calculate the time value of a software is to compare the cost to the amount of time saved using it. For example: if a daily reporting software saves between 30 minutes and an hour every work day, that is between 2.5 to 5 hours in a 5 work day week. If the software costs $20/month, like CDR Construction Daily Reports, then it is plain to see that there is a lot of value in using that software.

Some of the time saving features you can expect to find in CDR Construction Daily Reports' app, which you won't find in spreadsheet software includes:

-Professional PDFs w/ Company Logo and Project Info
-Weekly and Monthly Report Summaries
-Speech to Text - Dictate Your Entries
-Automatic Emailing of Reports
-Mobile Access
-Automatic Weather Capture
-Cloud Storage Sync
-Signature capture capabilities

Pen and paper may be the most popular form of note taking in the construction industry but i has been proven time and time again that mobile app and software solutions save significant time and effort on any project. Having the ability to search through electronic data can reduce costly rework and avoid possible litigation. Having formatted reports sent with minimal effort increases the chances they get completed accurately and on time, allowing managers to easily track and review them throughout the life of the project.

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